Brunsdons Boys.



In a MBFWA season where options for gents where slim pickings, there was one house pushing Australian menswear in an exciting new direction. With social media granting us immediate access to all the latest style inspiration from around the globe it was only a matter of time before someone channelled the sartorial whit of the worlds best dressed men and gave it an Aussie twist. 


Celebrated womenswear designer Jayson Brunsdon debuted 10 menswear ensembles in a show totalling 44 exits and set the wheels in motion on redefining the way modern Australian men dress. 


Brunsdons first menswear outing for his eponymous label was all thriller, no filler! Fabrics such as lace and jacquards, traditionally considered the domain of womenswear, where given a masculine twist to great effect. A lace bibbed tuxedo shirt paired with pleated, above the knee shorts was the first glimpse of what Brunsdon had in store for the forward thinking man. Subtle detail on shirting was an interesting detail to the collection. On first glance, a classic black button down teamed with a tailored slim fit pant looked fairly unassuming, upon closer inspection it revealed a beautiful lace collar. Another black button down sported a narrow, slightly ruffled placard that harked back to the oft garish 70’s tuxedo shirt, this time without the cringeworthy connotation of it’s past incarnation.


Wardrobe classics where given a fresh lease on life through the creative use of textile and a colour palate not commonly associated with menswear in this country. Perfectly tailored tuxedo jackets cut in peach and black silk floral jacquard, black and metallic scarlet brocade or a shimmering noir lamè where options for those with a sense of adventure. There was also plenty on offer for the more reserved man with tailored pants cut in black, white or nude and a jersey t or crisp white button down with a singular red rose print. 


My favourite exit of the show was an impeccably cut nude blazer with a black bermuda short that could easily be doing the street style rounds at Pitti Uomo come June but until then, Mr Brunsdon, if you would advance me one of those rose print shirts, I’d happily join your boys brigade!

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